Kung Fu Panda Review ~ Kung Fu Fighting – Carl Douglas Remix

Kung Fu Panda Review

I guess you could call me an on again off again Jack Black Fan. I don’t like everything that he does, but what I do like is plain laugh out loud funny. I am definitely more of a fan after watching this movie.  I thought Kung Fu Panda was terrific. I laughed through the whole thing, and it’s been a while since that’s happened during an animated film. The plot was good. It was predictable, but that happens a lot in these kind of films.

The animation was excellent. It was a great blend of Chinese art styles.  The opening scenes during Po’s dream were really great. It was like a 3D walk through Chinese wood prints mixed with anime type stuff.  I am also a big fan of CG animation. The stuff you can do with that technology is amazing.

All in all, this is a movie worth seeing, and one I predict will end up in my collection to enjoy over again.

Kung Fu Fighting – Carl Douglas