The Only Person Standing is the Man in the Wheelchair

It’s a sad thing that many Americans are so complacent about the land they live in these days. Yes, we have problems and the world is a scary place; but action is required to create change. American’s still have more Freedom than most in other parts of the world. We need to take pride in our Country and in our Neighborhoods and communities.  I get frustrated by people who are eager to complain about what is wrong with the Government and the way things are, yet they are reluctant to work towards a solution. It’s a different world now then it was in the days of World War II or Vietnam, but the issues are the same. We need to care more about others, and take the focus off of ourselves individually. We need to stand for something. And even though things will never be perfect, we need to strive and work for ideals that mean something. We need to remember what it means to be Americans.

God Bless the USA (Proud To Be An American) – Lee Greenwood