Batman The Dark Knight Review

Considering all of the talk about The Dark Knight compounded with the extra interest because of Heath Ledger’s untimely death, I was a little bit worried worried whether or not it would live up to expectations. But I had to reason to worry. This movie is amazing!

Heath Ledger was the Perfect Joker, creepy, ruthless, and funny at the same time. He played the kind of villain that you absolutely hate, but you end up rooting for anyway. It IS extremely sad that he isn’t around to enjoy his success, but He gave a performance worth remembering.

Christian Bale was fantastic. I loved him in Batman Begins so I knew I would be happy with him in this film as well. He has that quirky quiet sense of humor, and while subconsciously you are aware that he is incredibly strong it is not an overpowering factor. He is smart and clever which helps out with cool crime fighting gadgets, and he is charismatic and likeable. Christian Bale plays the smart Batman. He almost like he underplays it because he knows that the reputation helps stand for him.

Two Face played by Aaron Eckhart is also great. He represents the good and bad in all of us. And you realize that there is always the possibility of ending up on the other side. Eckhart like the others, nailed this role and added to the magic of the movie.

As for the other Characters, they were all better than expected and I expected good. The plot was strong, the special effects were awesome, and the biggest movie of the summer did not disappoint.