Pioneer Quote ~ Thoughts Over Pioneer Day Weekend

This post is overdue, but I want to express my feelings about pioneers as Utah wraps up celebrating their legacy this weekend. I have lived in Utah for most of my life, and have always heard about the pioneers who crossed the plains and founded this state. And I have always looked up to them and respected them. They gave of their way of life, their homes, and families in order to have the Freedom to live according to their beliefs, and there is something about Sacrifice like that which can soften the hardest heart.

It makes me wonder how much I am willing to sacrifice and give up for others; For the people I love, but also people I don’t even know, or maybe even dislike.

Pioneers are everywhere. That’s why I love this quote. A Pioneer is simply someone who goes before showing others the way to follow. We don’t just learn about pioneers from History, we can each strive to be pioneers ourselves.

So here is the challenge: Sacrifice a little bit to make someone else’s life easier. Use your talents and let your “light shine” so others can follow that example. We all need each other’s help in this crazy world. Be a Pioneer and make it happen.