Did You Miss Me?

Wow! I can’t believe it has been so long since I’ve posted on here. My Internet was down for a week and a half or so because my virus protection expired. I finally got it going again, and now can freely access the Internet, Yay!

In a way, It was really good for me though. Even though I was fine without my computer, I really missed it for the first few days. I didn’t realize how much I am on this thing. I like to blog, but I also am on all the time using google to look something up, or paying bills online etc. It was good for me to take a step back and remember to simplify my life a little bit. I was outside more, and definetely enjoyed soaking up the spring sunshine. There was never a big ah ha moment, but during the last week or so I just enjoyed having a little less technology in my life. The key word being that I enjoyed it. (I did however know the problem was temporary, and that probably helped)

So, If you are like me and find you self looking at a screen a little too often. Take a little break. You might like it 🙂