In Memory Of Grandma Eyre

My Grandma Eyre passed away on Wednesday May 13, 2009. She was 85 years old. I wanted to do a tribute post in her memory. My grandma was one of my dearest friends and and an amazing and lovely lady.
Cleo Doreen Scholtz Eyre
Things I Love About Grandma Eyre:

  • Her Twinkly Eyes
  • Her Kind Smile
  • Her Wonderful Sense Of Humor
  • Her Testimony and example of Faith
  • Her Hugs & Kisses
  • Her Favorite Candy Chocolate Kisses
  • Her Complete Acceptance & Love For Others
  • Her Love Of Books & Learning
  • Her Love Of Music
  • The Way She Loved Me Absolutely 100%
  • The Way She Served Others
  • The Way She Put Family First
  • The Way She Was In Love With My Grandpa
  • The Love She Put into Making Special Things For Her Family: Afgans, Tablecloths etc.
  • That She Gave Me My Mom, and My Life; I wouldn’t be here without her
  • Her Strength and Determinitation
  • Her Love of Life
  • The Way She Enjoyed and Took Notice Of Wonderful Simple Everyday Joys and Experiences
  • Her Garden and Her Love of Nature
  • Her ability to be herself and be confident in who she was
  • Everything about her and who she was

I Love You Grandma!!

Holes In The Floor Of Heaven ~ Steve Warner