Weekend Campout at Dutchman's Flat in American Fork Canyon

I went camping at Dutchman’s Flat with my sister and some friends from our ward over the weekend.  The weather was perfect, The scenery was spectacular, and it was great to make some good memories. This will probably end up being the last nice weekend this year.

7930_1244323109170_1262134445_718363_6600556_n From left to right: Lee Raymond, Jon Watkins, Kimberly Romrell, Emily Romrell

7930_1244323269174_1262134445_718367_7237128_nIt was great to have Kim with Me.  Sisters are best friends with benefits!



7930_1244323309175_1262134445_718368_7997631_n We ended up visiting what’s left of a mining town, now all that’s left are some old broken down buildings, and rusted out mining cars.  It was fun to learn about people that lived up there in such hard conditions.

7930_1244322989167_1262134445_718360_856266_nIt was the perfect way to spend the weekend, and a relaxing break from the craziness of everyday life. The views were just breathtaking. I am so grateful for such a lovely world to live and love in!