Bedazzled By Robert Browning

One of the other gifts I received this Christmas was a book of poetry by Robert Browning. I am a huge lover of poetry and I have to say Browning is one of my favorites.  Here are a few excerpts of his that I love:

From “The Bishop Orders His Tomb at Saint Praxed’s Church”

. . . And as she died so must we die ourselves,
And thence ye may perceive the world’s a dream.
Life, how and what is it? As here I lie
in this state-chamber, dying by degrees,
Hours and long hours in the dead night, I ask
‘Do I live, am I dead?’ Peace, Peace seems all . . .

From “Johannes Agricola in Meditation”

. . . For I intend to get to God,
For ’tis to God I speed so fast,
For in God’s breast, my own
I lay my spirit down at last.
I lie where I have always lain,
God smiles as he has always smiled;
Ere suns and moons could wax and wane,
Ere stars were thundergirt, or piled
The heavens, God thought on me his child;
Ordained a life for me, arrayed
Its circumstances every one
To the minutest; ay, God said
This head this hand should rest upon
Thus, ere he fashioned star or sun.
And having thus created me,
Thus rooted me, he bade me grow,
Guiltless forever, like a tree
That buds and blooms, nor seeks to know
The law by which it prospers so:
But sure that thought and word and deed
All go to swell his love for me,
Me, made because that love had need
Of something irreversibly
Pledged solely its content to be . . .