Make Your Own T Shirt Folding Machine

I just made my own and am loving it. It puts a fun spin on doing your laundry and I love having all my shirts folded exactly the same way.  Video and instructions are below:

  1. Cut the foam board or cardboard in to the following sizes:
    • Panel A is 7.5 Inches by 30 Inches (you need 2 panels A s)
    • Panel B is 9 Inches by 12 Inches
    • Panel C is 9 Inches by 18 Inches
  2. Tape panels together as shown in RED in the diagram or watch the video.
  3. Place a shirt face down centered on panel B.
  4. Fold Panel A1.
  5. Fold Panel A2.
  6. Fold Panel C.



Things You’ll Need

  • 2 20″x30″ foam board (1 dollar each at the dollar store) or you can use scrap cardboard.
  • Heavy duty tape
  • Cutting device (box cutter)
  • Ruler
  • Pen or Marker