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I have very strong feelings about the Book of Mormon, and I’ve had multiple experiences that have helped me gain a testimony of its truthfulness. Each time I spend time in this book, I come away happier, more at peace, and a better person in general. I’ve found answers to specific and personal questions within it’s pages. It has strengthened my desire to help others  and do good in the world. I have felt the spirit testify to me personally that the events it describes are true. The people in this book really lived, worked, loved, cried, and died. Jesus Christ really did appear to them and manifested to them his role as the Savior of the world. I’ve studied the history contained in the Book of Mormon and found it corresponds perfectly with the timeline and events of the Bible. All of these things and more have helped me to know for myself that it is true.

If you are looking for answers in your life, I encourage you to look for them here. If you sincerely make an effort to read it and ask God if it is true, I know you will get an answer. All you need is the desire and courage to simply test it out. Read it for yourself and come to your own conclusion. You have little to lose, but so much to gain.

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