Spreading the Magic

Dear Readers,

Thanks for stopping by. I truly appreciate it. I started this blog back in 2008 as a sort of catch-all for interesting things I found online with my own thoughts sprinkled in. I didn’t have a clear purpose in mind for the site, and I hated the thought of committing myself to a single topic or genre. Thus the name Eclectic Emily was born.  I am a sucker for alliteration, and my goal is to experience this life as fully as I can in broad and diverse ways. A free blog where I could post little nuggets of inspiration was a fun way to go.

However, with the advent of a great little site called Pinterest, and other ways to keep collections of inspiration online, my attention to this project dwindled. I wasn’t interested in taking the time to send my own thoughts into the world, I was too busy living in the daily grind of life.  I was spending free time reading, listening, and experiencing the thoughts of everyone else. I’m not saying that others in this world don’t have amazing things to offer, but I feel the need to contribute something of myself.

It’s a scary and vulnerable thing to say to the world, “Here I am, This is what I think, Look at what I have created.” But until you do that in some way, you can never know your true potential. You will never know what kind of  difference you might make. The figurative “What If” will always be hanging over your head.

My real passion in life is to write. I love stories. I love to experience them, and I love to create them.  Everything has a story. Every person and every object has a history of some kind.  And when one story intersects with another, magic happens. My goal now with this blog is to simply spread my own individual brand of magic. I want to share the thoughts and stories that I have. I want to let the world know me and see what happens.

So moving forward, you will see a lot more “Emily” on the site. It will still be Eclectic because I am a multifaceted individual, but you will get me. And you will probably still find a few nuggets from other people sprinkled in. Hopefully, you will stop by every now and then and enjoy the adventure with me, and hopefully you will find a way to spread a little bit of your own magic into the world if you haven’t already. Because every one of us is born with magic inside, and we find it when our stories connect.


Eclectic Emily