The Kings Solar

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Last Thursday night I was thrilled to attend the big debut of The Kings Solar Band live at the Velour Music Gallery in Provo, UT. The band combines poetic and meaningful lyrics with amazing guitar solos and killer beats.They kicked off the night with 5 great new songs including “Scars” which is featured below.   However, they can also surprise you with stripped down songs like “Fitz Chivalry” that are just as impressive and likely to hit you where it counts.


The musical genius of the group is driven by Shane Romrell (Guitar / Bass) and Dallin Romrell (Guitar / Vocals). The brothers grew up together in Orem, UT and have been playing music together for years. Now they are taking things to the next level. They are also supported by long time friends Christopher Behunin (Drums) and Tony Alor (Bass).

I am truly astounded at the amount of talent these guys have, and I’m impressed with the determination they have to follow their passion for music. It’s a personal reminder for me to continue to follow my own dreams. And did I mention that their music totally rocks my socks off! Keep up the great work guys. I know the future has great things in store for you!