Thoughts During Lunch Today

Today the sun finally decided to shine like it meant it.
I lay back in delight letting the warmth seep into my skin.
I found myself gazing into the first truly blue sky in weeks
And wondering at the clouds like I was a kid again.

Clouds are the tai chi and yoga masters of the sky.
Ever changing from one form into another.
Never fixated on one position for too long.
Drifting in and out of various attitudes at will.

My eyes settled on a puffy mass above me in the air.
It metamorphosed from turtle, to duck, to volcano
And then split in two like an amoeba under a microscope.
If only humans could divide ourselves like that
And follow all of the conflicting currents inside our hearts.

I continued to consider each new cloud as they floated across the horizon.
The Sun flexed and stretched radiating his joy at awakening from a long sleep.
My two little clouds shivered in the heat and melted away into steam.
Taking with them any lingering cares or worries of the morning.
I walked back inside invigorated. Ready for whatever adventure came next.