The Vibrant Life Initiative

Dear Friends,

The Vibrant Life is a philosophy that I’ve been developing over the last several years. I started it as a sort of self-therapy to help with my depression and anxiety. I was living in an oppressively gray world that I knew in my heart should be colorful and vibrant. I’m still on that journey. Some days are still excruciatingly difficult. But I am learning how to change my thoughts and actions and become a better version of myself. As I’ve followed this path of personal development my desire to share my insights with others has grown too intense to ignore. So the Vibrant Life Initiative was born; an invitation to choose the kind of life you want to live.

Originally, I planned to do a weekly podcast but that only lasted a few weeks. Those episodes are still available here. I may still do more podcast episodes, but moving forward I also plan to write blog posts, do a video now and then, or share in other ways. Whatever the format, I will share what I’ve learned here on the website.

I am on a journey to learn how to live the most fulfilling life possible. I want to “Live The Vibrant Life.” A life that I live out loud, in color and on purpose. To me, that means embracing the fundamental principles that lead to a happy and successful life. Though it often takes experience and failure to learn what those principles are. And it’s also learning from the examples of others. It’s my hope that you will join me in this quest. I’d love to hear your feedback, and I hope in a small way I can encourage you in your own journey toward a vibrant life.

much love,


Oh, my twisted heart,
I wait wistfully, patiently, uncertainly
For thy doubts to unravel.
Sooth the crinkled corners of your secret places;
Stretch the forgotten strength of youth.
Find again the confidence and faith born
Greatly and simply from truth.

Oh, My frenzied mind,
Let go calmly, deliberately, thoughtfully
Of cares beyond thy sphere.
Center the immediate moment;
Relish in the color and taste of today.
What went before and what comes after
Reflect mere shadows in the haze.

Greatness is cousin to growth,
gained by doing, seeking exercising
The promise buried within.
Crack the brittle shell that binds
Let the green and tender shoots rise up

Live the Vibrant Life!