The Path Towards Perfection of Passion.

I love the Olympics. This may surprise you because I really don’t follow sports at any other time. But every two years I’m delighted by the way the world comes together to celebrate excellence. I soak up stories of amazing athletes who work their whole lives to be great at what they love. And even more than that, I love the spirit of goodwill, sportsmanship, and unity that comes as fierce competitors support each other to do their best. In every Olympics, I find myself in awe at the potential humanity has both individually, and even more as a whole.

Last night, I happily watched one of my favorite events: ice skating. It was breathtaking. I am notoriously clumsy. I walk into poles and trip over my own feet constantly. So it’s incredible to see the grace and artistry of someone gliding over the ice. It’s powerful, and the emotion that these amazing athletes portray has brought tears to my eyes more than once. And like many other times over the years, I found myself thinking about what it took for those people to get where they are. It took a lot! But the looks on their faces at achieving their dreams is priceless.

Let’s take a second to ponder for a moment. What do you love to do most in the world? Sometimes that’s a hard question to answer. Some people I know honestly haven’t taken the time to find out. But I believe that everyone in life has their thing. Sometimes it is obvious, like a love of sports, music, or ahem…writing. For some people, it’s baking, or painting, or breeding dogs. Maybe you are a listener and are the person people go to when they need a shoulder to cry on. Maybe you are a leader that others can look to for guidance. Whatever it is, think about what you are truly passionate about.

Ok, now that you have your thing. I wonder, how often do you find yourself doing the said thing? Olympic athletes spend hours every day perfecting their passion. I know we don’t all have that luxury. But are we trying to become better at what we love? I think there is no joy quite as sweet as mastering a skill that delights you. And really that journey never ends, because we can always become better.

It’s easy to be complacent these days. We get up, go to work, come home, watch tv, go to bed, and do the same thing again tomorrow. We have jobs and families and other responsibilities that are important. But I bet if we made the effort, we could all find a little more time to focus on our talents and passions. And if we work at perfecting our passion, this journey of life will be much more joyful. You may even find yourself at the Olympics one day.

It’s my hope that we can all follow our individual paths toward perfecting our passion. We can accomplish so much if we support and encourage each other. And really it doesn’t matter if you win awards or get a gold medal. Because you will be doing something that you love, and that is what really makes all the difference. Best wishes to you in your endeavors. Great things are on the horizon. And oh yeah, Go team USA!!